Superb American Dining!

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Dusty’s AMERICAN Bistro. Was out in Silverlake today for meeting, actually I really haven’t been out here for such long time but here are few photo and website. Food was awesome, but big so might wanna share.  Always good for lunch and dinner!

Innovation of Basket Ball Shoes

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I remember most of these shoes though I wasn’t really around. Amazing thing about this shoes is it seems like it’s always a trend. Whether boy or girl, young or old I think basketball and it’s tool are something we all could realte as long as you are in the US. Yap, you’re right I LOVE BASKET BALL:)


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Did you guys see this on VANS, facebook. As a big thank you to our facebook friends, VANS are GIVING AWAY 100 PAIRS OF VANS! To enter the drawing, comment only once on this post. Entries close Friday, August 27th, 2010 at 11.59pm PACIFIC TIME. The list of 100 winners who will each get 1 pair of Vans will be posted the following day. We have something even bigger planned when we reach 1 million fans.

So are you guys ready for FALL shopping??

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Fall trend, leopard prints. I’m pretty sure you guys been seen this LEOPARD here and there in town, mall, shopping center, or magazine.Found cute running shoes from Stella McCartney by Adidas.

Great Peach Tea:)

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Try one of the best organic peach Ice tea, I mean seriously it’s some great stuff. You can mix with milk too. It is sooo good and refreshing! For someone interested, i will lsit both before and after pics of this package. I will lets yuo decide which one is new or not, hehehehehehe.

Yummy Cup cakes @ Sprinkles

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Always nice to go there to see cute display and tast some of the cakes.
Check this cute box with 4 different cupcakes, Cupcake mix!!

Creme de la Crepe!

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I had some great lunch with my friends up in LA today. Smoke Salmon Sandwich, Tomato Basil soup, and Crepe. All good! Guess what’s missing here yap you got it right, handsome boy Friend 😦

What is your favorite music?????

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I am pretty sure about this but just in case someone don’t know about Pandra, Pandora radio is the personalized internet radio service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites. You can definitely create custom web radio… which my favorite now is all based on hawaiian. This is so cool. I recommed everyone to try this. 

And one of my favorite, Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

Great Songs About Long Distance Love …

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Hey guys found a nice list of love songs, oh, it’s long distance love song!!!  Hope this will help someone!! Here what it says, whether you’ve been together ten days or ten years, separation and long distance love are always hard. Yap that’s for fact. I’ve found that when your heart is aching for the one you love that’s far away, the best thing to do is listen to someone else sing about the same thing. So, put on your headphones, crank up the volume and listen to these 9 great songs about long distance love!

Here are the list: 1. Cars and Telephones: The Arcade Fire 2. See you Soon: Coldplay 3. Train Song: Ben Gibbard and Feist 4. Transatlanticism: Death Cab For Cutie 5. Set Fire to The Third Bar: Snow Patrol and Martha Wainwright 6. Two Towns From Me: Blind Pilot 7. Goodnight Starlight: The Juliana Theory 8. Someday: Bryan Greenberg 9. Hello, I’m in Delaware: Dallas Green

Last day of US Open_HB

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It was soooooooooo crazy out there. Check out some high-lights! Congrats to BRETT SIMPSON!!!! He wins the tournament!! Enjoy some pics I gathered:)

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