Kids shoes

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This is why I love kids shoes. Are they sooooooo adorable? Gotta to place some simle mark just to make it even cuter. Sweeeeeeeeet 🙂 I should collect Kids shoes one day to display them all in my office.


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Went down south to check out some waves, but………..:(. Nothing was out there but came in front of Lost/Catalyst store down in San Clemente. if anyone got some time check out there surf boards. Super NICE!


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Here he is cute:P Well just took off front of me so here again, say CHEESEEEEEE 🙂

YO YO YO You say what???

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I was walking out in LA today with my prtable camera and here he is “Wasssss Up—!” I guess he plays music and was trying to handout his DJ flyers. Anyhow, check out his hair, just hoping he won’t stab me with that sharp thing :P.

Beautiful wooden watch_2

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WEWOOD! Here is my second version of cool wooden watch by WeWood. I guess it mentions about ECO-CHIC WAY to tell time. WEWOOD has emerged out of Italy as an emblem of eco-luxury and design, committed to the health of our planet. WEWOOD is the avant-garde approach to sophisticated sustainability. Well here it is,

Beautiful wooden watch_1

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Martin & MacArthur introduces beautiful wood watches made out of Iliahialo’e tree. Check out the pictures, aren’t they nice!

Ugg & Jimmy Choo Collaboration:)

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An exclusive collaboration between UGG Australia and Jimmy Choo will be in store this October. The capsule collection is based on UGG’s sheepskin boot decorated with construction with Jimmy Choo details. The collection features five styles in multiple colour variations including the classic UGG boot with Jimmy Choo studding, stars, grommets, leopard, zebra and hobo fringing detail. The exclusive range comes in a palette of black, chestnut, chocolate, charcoal diamond Donegal cable knit, cream/black zebra, charcoal/black zebra and natural leopard print. Price is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$595~

The Endless Summer Concert

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It’s a free The Endless Summer concert in HB Hyatt on 25th.  Here is the original poster and the other poster with this music info on. They did a farely well job.

Flower garden

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Hi everyone! Hope everyone enjoying the Labor day Weekend. Well, I went out to a local flower garden today. I always liked a flower, doesn’t it make you feel special and so relaxed. Well here are few of beautiful pics I found at the garden. Check it out:)

Cafe Milk in LA

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Cute cafe found in Los Angeles, The Milk Shop. Check out the website. I’m already drizzling again. Stopped today and had few good stuff but OMG, forgot to take picture of what I ate here today. Didn’t even think about taking pic, only few of exterior and some sweets.

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