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This wine definitely worth about $8.00. I recommend you to give a try, it’s only $1.99. Can enjoy at home or bring it to a casual party.


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Wow, hard to image how this is gonna taste like? Bacan is actually coverd with my favorite chocolate. Maybe…………., but I saw one pic and arctile about the chocolate donuts sprinkled with bacon chips in LA so I will give a try next time. Still scared though……..

Top 5 Surfers of 2010

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Yep, that’s right everyone these 5 guys are the hottest, I meant the best surfers of 2010. The most dominant surfer for nearly two decades is as everyone knows #1 Kelly Slater and the followings are #2 Dane Reynolds #3 Julian Wilsonc #4 Jordy Smith  #5 Andy Irons.

Happy New Year!

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Hello my friends, how are you all doing. Apologize for being sooooo lazy on my blog. Well firstable Happy New Year to everyone! I sincerely hope everyone had a memorable and enjoyable holiday seasons with your loved ones :).

Well, here is my first blog of this year, found few cuties at the beach this weekend:O, check these guys out! From Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge at HB in a awefuly cold day:(.

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